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If you never know what to write blog posts about or if your blog posts just aren't ranking in Google, I can help! I create SEO content calendars with researched keywords and optimize blog posts (both older blog posts and as you write new ones) for creative small businesses.

if you want your content to start bringing in clients, see how i can help your business!

Content can help your SEO strategy so much! It shows Google that your site is active, it drives more traffic to your site, it allows you to show off your expertise, it keeps people on your site longer, it allows you to target more keywords to reach your ideal audience, plus even more benefits!

But to see the benefits, you need to write on topics that you can rank well for.

If you need help with blog posts, I both help you plan them with keyword research and optimize what you've written. My 12 topic editorial calendar with researched keywords will help you know what to write about (and when you write seasonal posts) and see how many people are searching for that topic each month.

Blog post optimization will take care of the keyword research AND the structure for SEO. So all you have to do is have fun writing, and I'll take care of helping your blog posts rank higher in Google!

Ready to have your ideal clients coming to you?


If you're struggling with getting your blog posts to rank on Google, I can help!

I'll optimize your blog posts for SEO and take care of the keyword research, header optimization, image sizing and alt tags, title tags, meta descriptions, and any necessary content editing or further optimization.

Content optimization can be used as an ongoing basis as you publish new blog posts each month, or if you have lots of older blog posts you want optimized.

Starts at $80/post

Do you enjoy writing content, but you never know what to write about to actually reach your ideal clients?

Writing content just for the sake of having content isn't going to reach people who want to work with you, so having a content strategy with research keywords will help! I'll research keywords that your ideal clients are searching for for your website copy or create a 12 month content strategy plan. So for a whole year, you won't have to worry about figuring out what to write about to rank and reach your dream clients!


12 topic editorial calendar with researched KEYWORDs

CONTENT Optimization

Starts at $400


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I'm an SEO and Pinterest Strategist, spicy food lover, travel photographer, and Siberian Husky mom in Philadelphia :) And in recent news, I'm the first SEO professor at Drexel University!

I love SEO consulting because SEO optimization is such a great way to find your dream clients organically, and it makes me so happy when my clients get more traffic and bookings from Google!

I know SEO and Pinterest can be overwhelming, so my goal is to make SEO and Pinterest strategies approachable and easy to implement for all creative small businesses.

Hi! I'm Julia


“Julia is a wealth of information when it comes to SEO and Pinterest. Beyond her knowledge, she does a great job putting both into practice and is an asset to any person or business in need of SEO and Pinterest overhauls for their business.”
-Sarah, digital marketer

"Julia is very knowledgable and provided a detailed report on things that I need to improve. She makes it easy to follow and understand and provided me with some good actionable items to work on to improve my site. She knows her stuff!
– Jama, family photographer

"I have been struggling with my page ranking and thank god I was able to hire Julia. She is an expert on this field, always reachable and willing to help."
– Irene, translator and interpreter



Get my SEO cheat sheet for blog posts AND bonus training videos on 3 Stress Free SEO Strategies! (It's all easy to understand and implement, I promise!)

Julia Bocchese is located in Philadelphia, PA and serves SEO & Pinterest clients worldwide.
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