SEO Strategist for Creative Small Businesses

Once you get your site optimized, you can stop stressing about creating new social media content all the time, and Google can give you consistent, quality website traffic!


SEO optimization can help you grow your business, and it doesn’t have to be hard! If you’re struggling to get QUALITY website traffic and bookings with your dream clients, I can help.

As an SEO strategist for small businesses, I focus on holistic SEO strategies not only to set up solid foundations with SEO optimization to get your site ranking higher on Google to reach the clients you love working with, but ALSO to convert them once they land on your site!

I integrate user experience and copywriting into my SEO strategies to help you convert more visitors when they land on your site- no matter if they come from Google or social media. You don’t have to waste hours trying to figure it out SEO and conversion strategies, and you can focus more on creating!

After getting their sites optimized, my clients have seen their site traffic and bookings increase and have even gotten the #1 spot on Google for their keyword!

 I help creative businesses like interior designers, photographers, artists, vocal coaches, copywriters, and more to optimize their sites for SEO to help their ideal clients find them. I’ve done SEO optimization work on WordPress, Showit, Squarespace, and Shopify websites.

SEO Foundations Setup

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Ready to work with an SEO strategist and have your ideal clients coming to you? This is how we can work together!


Are you launching a new website or have an older site that needs an SEO refresh? Want to make sure the SEO foundations are set up so you can start ranking in Google and reaching potential clients?

My SEO setup service will help you make sure you're launching your site with strong foundations to get your new site ranking in Google.

SEO in a Week

Need a website optimization overhaul but don't want to wait weeks or months to get it optimized and start ranking on Google?

SEO in a Week includes full SEO and UX optimization to get your site optimized, ranking, and converting potential clients faster!

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If you’ve done some SEO work on your site and want to see if you’ve set things up correctly or if you just want to see how SEO optimization could help your site, an SEO audit is for you.

I will go through the back end of your pages and posts to analyze your site speed, website copy, title tags and meta descriptions, keywords, and user experience, and I'll dig through the data on Google Analytics and Google Search Console to compile a detailed report on what is working and what should be improved. 

SEO Audit


If you’re ready to get your site optimized and get found by your ideal clients, let's get started!

My process starts with an audit so I can “look under the hood” and see exactly what needs to be done on your site. I’ll send a report with what I recommend. I’ll go through your posts and pages to reformat, optimize, and do keyword research. I’ll fix site speed issues and fix any errors or broken links. I will also set up Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Google My Business and explain to you how to use them all.

After getting everything optimized, I will send you a strategy with a 6 month content plan for ongoing optimization.

Want to get your site optimized fast? Check out my SEO in a Week service!

SEO Optimization


starts at $3000

As an SEO strategist, I can do a virtual SEO training for you, your business team, or a group you lead!

For solo or team training, I will review your website and data and then I will meet with you to go over my findings and do a training session to focus on any SEO strategies that you need the most help with.

For group training, I go through SEO strategies specific to small businesses and entrepreneurs and explain everything you need to know for topics like keyword research and optimizing videos. I answer all the SEO questions and help everyone audit problems on their sites and help fix them the right way.

SEO Training

starts at $500

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SEO Client Success

A vocal coach client saw a 482% increase in organic search during the pandemic!

A product seller client saw an 917% increase in organic search from the previous year!

A product seller client went from launching their site to over 2,000 visits from Google!

A coach and blogger client more than doubled their traffic after getting her site optimized!

I'm an SEO and Pinterest Strategist, spicy food lover, travel photographer, and Siberian Husky mom in Philadelphia :) And in recent news, I'm the first SEO professor at Drexel University!

I love SEO consulting because SEO optimization is such a great way to find your dream clients organically, and it makes me so happy when my clients get more traffic and bookings from Google!

I know SEO and Pinterest can be overwhelming, so my goal is to make SEO and Pinterest strategies approachable and easy to implement for all creative small businesses.

Hi! I'm Julia


"SEO can be such a hard and confusing thing to implement in your website, but Julia makes it feel so very possible and manageable. She’s great at cutting through the bs of internet strategy and focusing on what works!"
– Kristen, wedding photographer

“I recently worked with Julia for SEO for my website. After just one month I am already getting more traffic and receiving regular phone calls from new interested clients who found me via Google!”
-Michelle, pet care business

"I’ve been in business for 12 years and NO ONE has ever put the ever elusive SEO into more relatable, understandable terms. Like a light went off!!"
-Joanna, wedding photographer



Get my SEO cheat sheet for blog posts AND bonus training videos on 3 Stress Free SEO Strategies! (It's all easy to understand and implement, I promise!)

Julia Bocchese is located in Philadelphia, PA and serves SEO & Pinterest clients worldwide.
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