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How to Use SEO & Content Strategies to Rank on Google & Reach Ideal Clients

Cassandra of The Quirky Pineapple Studio and I teamed up to create a course that combines SEO and content writing!

We will teach you the easy strategies you need to know to create engaging and searchable content for Google and your ideal clients, so you can bring in more clients and your business can grow!

You’re frustrated with trying to find keywords to rank for and content to right about to actually get people to hire you.

You know what SEO is and how important it is for your business, but there’s so much overwhelming information you don’t know where to start.
You don’t know how to write content that stands out and worry that your blog posts are snoozefests that aren’t showing people your vibrant personality.

What if you could just knock out SEO and content writing with one stone with strategies that are easy to understand AND implement?

In our ‘How to Use SEO & Content to Rank on Google and Reach More Clients’ course, you’ll learn easy steps to implement for SEO optimization and content strategy to confidently produce content that ranks on Google and is found by the right people!


Struggling with reaching the right people?

Course content:
-Everything You Need to Know About Blogging as a Business
-Why You Need a Blog
-Basics for Your Blog
-How to Format Blog Posts for Optimization
-Writing Great Content that Resonates with Your Ideal              Clients
-Use Your Brand Personality & Tone to Create Great Content
-How to Create “Petite-Stories” in Your Content
-How to Write with Flair & NOT Sound Drabby
-Creating Actionable Content for Business Growth
-Using SEO to Understand and Reach Your Clients
-How to Use Keyword Research to ACTUALLY Rank and Reach
   Your Ideal Clients
-Making Sense of Google Analytics and Search Console to         Understand Your Audience
-Optimizing Blog Posts for Pinterest

Course members will have access to:
-A private Facebook Group to ask any SEO or content questions, attend live videos and
    virtual workshops, and receive feedback on content and optimization
-Lifetime access to the SEO and content course materials and resources
-EXCLUSIVE discounts for future SEO and content resources
-A workbook to track your content and optimization progress


“How to Use SEO & Content Strategies to Rank on Google & Reach Ideal Clients” breaks down the confusing concepts about SEO and content writing into easy-to-digest videos to understand and implement SEO and content strategies.

In this SEO and content course, you’ll learn content strategies to help you create searchable and engaging content, so you can stop wasting time battling against social media algorithms and start creating original content with intention. After completing this course, you’ll be well equipped with important information on Google Analytics, Google Search Console, SEO, and copywriting to rank higher on Google and build trust with your audience, leading to more clients and lead generation!

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Cassandra is the founder of The Quirky Pineapple Studio, a copywriting & content strategy boutique agency for small business owners and businesses in the hospitality and tourism industries.

The Quirky Pineapple Studio creates heartfelt connections for their clients’ communities through strategic words and content. Their main focus is to help brands get noticed with words, strategy, and events, to create communities online and in real life.


Julia is an SEO Consultant and Pinterest Strategist for creative small businesses and an SEO professor.

She helps small businesses increase their website traffic and reach their ideal clients with custom SEO and Pinterest strategies, and she creates content to help businesses DIY their own optimization the right way. Julia enjoys helping small businesses grow because she loves how passionate they are about their work!



Get my SEO cheat sheet for blog posts AND bonus training videos on 3 Stress Free SEO Strategies! (It's all easy to understand and implement, I promise!)

Julia Bocchese is located in Philadelphia, PA and serves SEO & Pinterest clients worldwide.
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