New Website SEO Setup Service

Are you launching a new website and want to make sure the SEO foundations are set up so you can start ranking in Google and reaching potential clients?

I can help! My SEO setup service will help you make sure you're launching your new site with strong foundations

Launching a new website is a big and exciting investment, and you want to make sure it has strong foundations to start with so you don't have to go back and fix things in the future.

And having a well optimized site to start with means you don't have to waste a ton of time trying to keep up with the Instagram algorithm changes or finding the perfect Facebook group to reach your ideal client because they will come to you!

I know running a business takes time and there never seems to be enough of it. You spent money on an amazing looking site or time learning how to put it together, and it doesn’t seem to be doing anything to grow your business!

You create content or write blogs that nobody seems to read, or - worse still - people are landing on your site but leaving straight away and rarely check out your services or contact you.

Launching a new site can be a lot of work, so if you want to make sure it's optimized correctly without adding something new to your to-do list, my SEO setup service is for you!

SEO optimization can help you grow your business AND save you time by reaching the right people—the ones already searching for your services. And launching your new site with SEO already setup will help you rank on Google and reach those people faster.

With my SEO setup service, I can help with optimizing your new site so those dream clients can find it!

My SEO setup service is for websites launching soon or for websites that have launched recently that are 7 pages or fewer, and it includes:

     -Keyword research
     -Basic website copy optimization
     -Title tags and meta descriptions
     -Image alt tags
     -Google Business Profile optimization
     -Google Analytics connection
     -Google Search Console connection
     -Sitemap submission
     -Checking for technical errors and fixing up to 20 errors

PLUS a 6 topic editorial calendar with researched keywords, my SEO blog post cheat sheet, and tutorial videos for Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Google Business Profile so you can understand the data.


All for only $2,200


I would love to work with you! You can fill out a short form through the button below. Currently my SEO services are only available for websites on Wordpress, Showit, Squarespace, or Shopify that are 7 pages or fewer that are launching soon or have launched in the last month. If your website doesn't meet those parameters, you can contact me so we can talk about other SEO services to get your site optimized!

Ready to get your new website optimized?


SEO Client Wins

A vocal coach client saw a 482% increase in organic search during the pandemic!

A product seller client saw an 917% increase in organic search from the previous year!

A product seller client went from launching their site to over 2,000 visits from Google!

A coach and blogger client more than doubled their traffic after getting her site optimized!

I'm an SEO and Pinterest Strategist, spicy food lover, travel photographer, and Siberian Husky mom in Philadelphia :) And in recent news, I'm the first SEO professor at Drexel University!

I love SEO consulting because SEO optimization is such a great way to find your dream clients organically, and it makes me so happy when my clients get more traffic and bookings from Google!

I know SEO and Pinterest can be overwhelming, so my goal is to make SEO and Pinterest strategies approachable and easy to implement for all creative small businesses.

Hi! I'm Julia


“I recently worked with Julia for SEO for my website. After just one month I am already getting more traffic and receiving regular phone calls from new interested clients who found me via Google!”
-Michelle, pet care business

"SEO can be such a hard and confusing thing to implement in your website, but Julia makes it feel so very possible and manageable. She’s great at cutting through the bs of internet strategy and focusing on what works!"
– Kristen, wedding photographer

"I’ve been in business for 12 years and NO ONE has ever put the ever elusive SEO into more relatable, understandable terms. Like a light went off!!"
-Joanna, wedding photographer



Get my SEO cheat sheet for blog posts AND bonus training videos on 3 Stress Free SEO Strategies! (It's all easy to understand and implement, I promise!)

Julia Bocchese is located in Philadelphia, PA and serves SEO & Pinterest clients worldwide.
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