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I'm an SEO and Pinterest Strategist, spicy food lover, travel photographer, and Siberian Husky mom in Philadelphia :) And in recent news, I'm the first SEO professor at Drexel University!

I love SEO consulting because SEO optimization is such a great way to find your dream clients organically, and it makes me so happy when my clients get more traffic and bookings from Google!

I know SEO and Pinterest can be overwhelming, so my goal is to make SEO and Pinterest strategies approachable and easy to implement for all creative small businesses.

Hi! I'm Julia


I have been struggling with my page ranking and thank god I was able to hire Julia. She is an amazing SEO auditor and Pinterest genius. She performed a SEO audit on my website and provided a very well detailed report, which she later explained and made some extra recommendations during a call. She is an expert on this field, always reachable and willing to help.”
– Irene, translator and interpreter

"Julia is very knowledgable and provided a detailed report on things that I need to improve. She makes it easy to follow and understand and provided me with some good actionable items to work on to improve my site. She knows her stuff!
-Jama, family photographer

"I’ve been in business for 12 years and NO ONE has ever put the ever elusive SEO into more relatable, understandable terms. Like a light went off!"
-Joanna, wedding photographer



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Julia Bocchese is located in Philadelphia, PA and serves SEO & Pinterest clients worldwide.
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