Seeds for SEO Success: 9 Foundations to Fix Your Site SEO and Grow Your Business


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Are you struggling to get your site to rank in Google? 

Are you struggling to convert potential clients once they’re on your site?

Are you getting more and more tired of trying to keep up with Instagram’s algorithm and want to diversify your income streams?

If you’ve been wondering if there’s a better way, SEO can help bring the right people to your site who are ready to pay for your products and services!

My Seeds for SEO Success course will show you not only how to rank higher and get more people on your site, but how to help convert them once they land on your site through an SEO audit deep dive. This is something I’ve done hundreds of times for my clients and – with the right teacher – I promise you’ll be able to do it too! No previous technical experience required (except knowing how to log into your website!).

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And to make it super easy to access, the content of this course will be sent straight to your email! That’s right, it won’t be on a course platform where you have to log in (and reset your password 23 times because you keep forgetting it… or is that just me?), everything will be sent to your inbox. The content will be text with some short videos for anything that needs to be explained visually.

What’s included in the course: 

One module will be sent to your email every day, and the topics include:

Site speed
Navigation and user experience
Title tags and meta descriptions
Website copy
Blog posts
Google Analytics
Google Search Console
Google My Business
Keyword strategy and competition

Let’s grow your business with SEO together!

View the full course description

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