SEO Masterclass: 7 Stress-Free SEO Strategies for Service-Based Businesses


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Are you struggling to get organic traffic to your site?

Do you want to get your site to start ranking higher in Google to set you up for more clients?

Are you confused after reading about SEO strategies that don’t apply to your business?

SEO strategies specific for online service-based businesses can help!

Your ideal clients are currently stuck at home, looking for inspiration and shopping for things that make their businesses easier to run! I’m here to help you get found by them, even if you have no idea where to start with SEO or how it can lead to more bookings. You will learn my 7 favorite easy-to-implement SEO strategies to improve your ranking on Google and reach your ideal clients!

This SEO masterclass for service-based businesses will go over the basics of SEO optimization, specifically focusing on ways online service-based businesses can increase their organic traffic and reach their ideal clients – getting those all-important client bookings!

All strategies are easy enough for anyone to implement, no matter the level of SEO expertise. Topics covered include everything from the best blog topics to keyword research to understanding Google Search Console. Attendees will leave understanding how to optimize their sites for SEO and steps to take to increase their rankings in Google for long-term success!

SEO Masterclass: 7 Stress-Free SEO Strategies for Service-Based Businesses

Who this masterclass is for:

  • Any online service-based biz owners like copywriters, coaches, social media managers, or website designers who want to DIY their SEO optimization
  • Online service-based biz owners who want to learn how SEO can help their business
  • Online service-based biz owners tired of social media and want to get bookings organically
  • And anyone who wants to start a service-based business interested in learning about SEO for your future business!



“I’ve attended other SEO workshops and bought resources before, and none of them came close to Julia’s workshop. I got clarity on serveral aspects of SEO that I didn’t understand, and now I feel more equipped to improve my websites and blogs and to do the same for my clients. I’m so grateful for all the value that Julia packed into her presentation, and for her willingness to answer questions in-depth. This was definitely a masterclass-level workshop!” -Jennifer, home stager

“This was the most informative few hours I’ve ever experienced. I’ve been in business for 12 years and NO ONE has ever put the ever elusive SEO into more relatable, understandable terms. Like a light went off!! Thank you for your time and patience!” -Joanna, wedding photographer

“Julia is a wealth of information when it comes to SEO and Pinterest. I was in attendance at one of her trainings and she makes both concepts easily digestible and understandable to those who may need a little extra help understanding the concepts.” -Sarah, digital marketer



The SEO Masterclass is about one hour long. When you purchase the class, you will receive an email with the link where you can download the video.

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