4 Reasons Why You NEED to Have a Blog for Your Business Website

By Sarah DeGeorge

Content is key for any business owner. Whether that content is in the form of ads, a website, or a social media presence, you need to be using content strategy to your advantage to place yourself in front of customers.

A blog is a piece of content that could help you and your business. You may wonder what a blog could help you with or what you would even talk about, but as a business owner, you already are knowledgeable in the business you own- so why not share pieces of information?

Not only can a blog give you updated pieces of content to share with customers or followers, but it shows you are knowledgeable in your business. These are four key reasons why you NEED to have a blog for your business website!

4 Reasons Why You NEED to Have a Blog for Your Business Website

A blog can place you as an authority in your industry

As stated above, a blog can allow you the space to dive into questions your customers may have. If you are a small business owner who sells vintage clothing, your customers may be interested in knowing how one decides what is vintage and what isn’t. A blog is a perfect way to give yourself the space to put your thoughts down as a professional in the industry, which shows that not only are you listening to your audience but also taking the time to address their questions as well.

How a blogs you're an authority in your industry

Blogs are shareable on social media

If it has a link, it can be shared. A blog is just as great as a simple social media post and will drive traffic to your websites from multiple locations. If you create a blog, then why not share it if you have a business page on Facebook or Twitter. You can even place your latest blog link in the URL section of your Instagram for extended viewership.

Social media is a free way to get your website placed in many different locations and gain viewership as people like or share the post.

How blogs can help you rank on Google

Blogs help you rank on Google (when done correctly)

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the way in which search engines can read your website. Using keywords you would like to be ranked for on Google is just one (of many) ways that SEO works.

If you are a marketing firm in Cleveland, Ohio you may want to create blogs that answer a question or topic that also place you as both a marketing firm and one within Cleveland, Ohio. Using long-tail keywords, including variations of the above, within blog posts can help search engines understand what you do and how to place you.

(A note: if you are not brick-and-mortar or only serving a certain location, it is still wise to create phrasing in blogs that truly keys into what you do specifically. While it is okay to place very macro words such as public relations firm or accountant in your blogs, it is also wise to produce something more micro such as female-owned public relations firm or small business certified public accountant)

A blog can be re-purposed in different digital forms

Not only can you write about your expertise, but you can re-purpose blogs that you felt resonated with your audience. If you wrote it in blog form, perhaps you would want to carry it over to a video and create an extended version of what you had wrote about in a blog.

You could also create a social media series touching on individual parts of a whole blog and spread the dissemination of the blog across different posts to keep audiences viewing the material.

4 Reasons Why You NEED to Have a Blog for Your Business Website

These are just a few key reasons why you need to have a blog for your business. Not sure you have the time to commit to a blog? A viable option is to outsource to a professional content creator who can create quality content for your business blog.

Sarah DeGeorge Philadelphia


Sarah DeGeorge is a digital marketing strategist who works in paid and organic marketing, public relations, and content creation for small businesses. When she isn’t working, she is usually exploring nature, reading, or helping with local animal rescue and rehabilitation organizations.






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    You are so right. I will be giving this some serious thought this quarter and devising a strategy. Thank you!

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