If you’re a wedding photographer, Pinterest is a great platform for you to reach new clients! With its 400 million active users, Pinterest has tons of opportunities for wedding photographers to reach a wider audience and secure more bookings. The key is to have a strategy around your content and pinning and not just post […]

If you’re an interior designer looking to grow your business and find more clients (or should I say, have more clients find you!) then you’ve come to the right place. When you rank well on Google, there is so much opportunity for potential clients to be able to easily find you—without you needing to spend […]

Pinterest is such a great platform for interior designers to reach potential clients, show off their beautiful work, and get more traffic to their sites. And it doesn’t have to be hard! My top 5 Pinterest marketing strategy tips for interior designers will give you some new ways to market to your target audience. Pinterest […]

So what is alt text for images, and can you use it for SEO purposes? This is a question I get asked time and time again, and I think it sounds a bit more confusing than it is! I’m breaking down what alt text is and its purposes in this blog post, and hopefully answer […]

You don’t have to be a graphic designer to create a Pinterest pin design—in fact, once you create a few templates you can use time and time again, you can create new pins in minutes and totally take the pain out of the process! I get asked all the time how to make pins stand […]

Do you really need a website for your small business or is social media enough? I get asked this question a lot and in my opinion, having your own website is essential! It’s completely necessary when it comes to positioning you as an expert and building trust with your audience, upselling your services, attracting (and […]

Blog posts can be very beneficial for SEO because they allow you to target more keywords and reach more people, show Google that your site is active and relevant, keep people on your site longer (and hopefully visiting more pages), plus many more reasons. And for businesses, blog posts allow you to show off your […]

Does SEO really matter for your small business? Ok ok, you know I’m going to say it does. But let’s talk about why! Top benefits of SEO for small business What is SEO? SEO in a nutshell is the process of making your site easier for search engines to understand, which will help your rankings […]

So let’s get right to it- should you share Instagram posts to Pinterest? Short answer- no. Long answer- I’m going to explain why in this post, so keep reading 🙂 Why you shouldn’t share an Instagram post to Pinterest Pinterest has the ability to connect to your Instagram account and access analytics for it, so […]

I’m sure you’ve seen Google My Business accounts rank when you’re searching for Thai restaurants or garden centers near you (those may be two of my top searches…), and Google My Business is definitely great for businesses like that that have a location for people to visit. But there are benefits of Google My Business […]



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