9 Pinterest Strategies for Wedding Photographers to Reach More Clients

If you’re a wedding photographer, Pinterest is a great platform for you to reach new clients!

With its 400 million active users, Pinterest has tons of opportunities for wedding photographers to reach a wider audience and secure more bookings. The key is to have a strategy around your content and pinning and not just post your beautiful photos without any context. If you want to start growing your business more on Pinterest, keep reading for my top Pinterest strategies for wedding photographers so you can get more website traffic and reach more clients!

9 Pinterest Strategies for Wedding Photographers to Reach More Clients

Create Strategic Content on Your Site

Before we can even touch on Pinterest strategies, we need to focus on creating content that converts. I know a lot of wedding photographers create blog posts highlighting weddings they shot, and that’s great for the couple and their friends and family to have! But it’s not a great longterm strategy for reaching new potential clients.

To make the most of your Pinterest presence, it’s important to create informative content on your website. By sharing valuable and educational content that people are actually searching for on Pinterest, you can establish yourself as an authority in the wedding photography industry and reach potential clients in your area.

I always recommend creating content that would speak to your ideal clients (so don’t write posts on classic wedding traditions if you’re trying to reach nontraditional couples!), especially ones that are about the area where you’re located. You can cover topics such as the top wedding venues in your area (again for your ideal clients, so don’t write about ballroom weddings if you prefer laidback outdoor weddings), choosing the ideal places for outdoor engagement sessions, or tips on planning a wedding in your specific area (or planning a destination wedding if that’s your niche).

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Do Keyword Research

Keyword research is one of the most crucial Pinterest strategies for wedding photographers to  understand what terms and phrases your target audience is searching for on Pinterest (and on Google). And by strategically using these keywords in your pin graphics, pin titles and descriptions, and boards, you can optimize your content and reach a larger audience!

Keyword research might sound daunting, but all you need to start with is thinking about the specific terms and phrases that potential clients might use when searching for wedding photographers on Pinterest. Consider both broad keywords, such as “wedding photography” or “engagement photos,” as well as more specific long-tail keywords like “outdoor wedding photography ideas” or “best wedding photographers in [your location].”

Screenshot of Pinterest Trends

Use keyword research tools like Google Keyword Planner or Pinterest’s own keyword tool to discover popular keywords and assess their search volume. Look for keywords that are highly relevant to your niche and have a significant search volume to ensure that your content reaches the right audience.

Once you have identified your target keywords, strategically integrate them into your pins, pin descriptions, and board descriptions. Be natural and authentic in your usage, ensuring that the keywords flow seamlessly within your content. Avoid keyword stuffing, as it can negatively impact your credibility and readability.

If you need more detailed help with keyword research, check out my posts on Pinterest keyword research and SEO keyword research.

Optimize Your Pinterest Profile

Just as you strategically integrate keywords into your pin graphics, pin descriptions, and board descriptions, optimizing your Pinterest profile is another essential step in getting your pins to rank well.

Start by selecting a professional and visually appealing profile picture that represents your brand accurately. Next, write an attention-grabbing bio that describes who you are and what you offer as a wedding photographer, and make sure you incorporate your researched keywords. Make sure you claim your website on Pinterest so you can include the link to your website in your Pinterest profile.

The more specific information you can give Pinterest (and potential clients), the more it will help your profile rank well!

Screenshot of a Pinterest profile

Create Captivating Boards

A key aspect of attracting potential clients and showcasing your wedding photography expertise on Pinterest is to create captivating boards. Your boards are like virtual galleries that allow you to curate and display your best work, giving visitors a taste of your style and talent. By carefully selecting and organizing your pins, you can create an enticing visual experience that will leave a lasting impression on viewers.

Start by thinking about the different aspects of weddings that you specialize in capturing, and make sure you’re not neglecting to optimize your boards. I see lots of accounts that have awesome profiles and with great bios, but their boards are super basic. They give them generic names like “Business” or “Photos” and don’t add a description, which means they’re really missing out on ranking in Pinterest and Google! Be descriptive with strong keywords and name your boards things like “Elopement Locations in Utah” or “Tips for Engagement Photos.”

You should also have a short description for each board. Write a couple of short sentences, and don’t just write a string of keywords because that can look spammy to Pinterest!

Design Eye-Catching Pins

When it comes to attracting attention on Pinterest, a visually appealing pin is worth a thousand words. Your pins need to be visually captivating and inspire users to click through to your website or portfolio. I have an entire guide on creating eye-catching pins, but here are a few tips to get you started:

High-quality photos

Use high-resolution images that showcase the beauty and uniqueness of your work. Crisp, clear, and professional-looking visuals are more likely to capture attention in the cluttered world of Pinterest.

Brand colors and fonts

Use your brand colors and fonts to make your pins visually appealing and cohesive. This helps your profile look professional when your audience sees all of your pins together, and it helps make your brand be more memorable.

Clear and compelling titles

Your pin’s title should be clear, concise, and enticing. Use attention-grabbing language and keywords that resonate with your target audience, and make sure everything is easy to read on desktop and mobile!

Screenshot of a pin about pattern design

Thoughtful composition

Pay attention to the arrangement and layout of your pins. Experiment with different compositions, such as collages or close-ups. Think about how your pins will stand out in users’ feeds and catch their attention.

Branding elements

Incorporate your branding elements, such as your logo or watermark, into your pins to establish a consistent visual identity. This not only helps with brand recognition but also adds a professional touch to your pins.

If this seems a little overwhelming, the main thing is to make sure your pins are clear and easy to read! So just focus on that before playing around with different designs.

Test Out Different Types of Pins

The great thing about being a wedding photographer is that you probably have tons of photos you can use for Pinterest! So you’ll have lots of different photos you can use to test out different types of pins to see what performs the best for your account.

Start by experimenting with standard pins, which are the most common type on Pinterest. These pins stand out with their vertical format and eye-catching visuals. You can test out pinning images on their own and graphics with text to see which type drives the most traffic.

Screenshot of elopement photos in Pinterest

Video pins and Idea Pins offer a more immersive and interactive experience for users. You can use this format to share wedding stories, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and advice for couples planning their big day. Let your creativity flow and use a mix of images, videos, and text to create compelling narratives that resonate with your audience.

By testing out different types of pins, you will gain valuable insights into what resonates with your audience. Pay attention to the engagement metrics such as saves and clicks to your website to understand which pins are performing the best.

Collaborate with Wedding Vendors

Collaborating with wedding vendors is a great strategy for wedding photographers that can expand your reach on Pinterest and across the internet. By partnering with other professionals in the wedding industry, you can tap into their existing audiences and gain exposure to potential clients who may not have discovered you otherwise.

One way to collaborate with wedding vendors is by participating in styled shoots. Styled shoots are carefully curated photo sessions that showcase the work of various vendors, including wedding photographers. By joining forces with other vendors such as wedding planners, florists, and venue managers, you can create stunning visual content that appeals to engaged couples and inspires them to envision their own dream wedding. When the vendors share that content on their site and social media and give you credit, it can help drive more traffic to your site!

Another way to collaborate with wedding vendors is by featuring their work on your Pinterest boards. For example, if you come across a beautiful wedding dress design or a unique wedding cake, you can create a pin that showcases the vendor’s work and links back to their website or social media page. This not only gives credit to the vendor but also demonstrates your commitment to supporting and promoting others in the industry.

By collaborating with wedding vendors, you not only expand your reach on Pinterest but also build relationships and connections within the wedding industry. These collaborations can lead to referrals, partnerships, and future opportunities that can benefit your business in the long run.

Stack of wedding rings on top of a blue wedding invitation

Pin Consistently and Regularly

Consistency is a key Pinterest strategy for wedding photographers when it comes to building your brand and engaging with potential clients on this visual platform. By consistently pinning high-quality and relevant content, you increase your chances of reaching more people and attracting their attention.

I recommend pinning every day, and the number of pins you post is entirely up to you. If you have tons and tons of content, you could pin 15 pins a day, but if you’re just getting started with your content, you can start with just pinning once or twice a day. As long as you’re pinning every day, the number of pins doesn’t matter too much!

Pinning consistently shows Pinterest that you’re an active user, and it allows you to showcase the breadth and depth of your work. By regularly sharing a variety of images, you can highlight different styles, locations, and moments captured at weddings. This helps potential clients get a better sense of your capabilities and expertise, ultimately building trust and confidence in your services. If you want a pin scheduler so you don’t have to manually pin every day, Tailwind is a great tool, and my affiliate link will also get you a discount.

Track and Analyze Your Results

Now that you have your Pinterest strategy in place, you need to make sure what you’re doing is working! Pinterest has its own analytics you can use (and yes, I have a whole guide on Pinterest Analytics!), and I also recommend tracking in Google Analytics to see what your Pinterest audience is doing once they land on your site.

Tracking and analyzing your results is crucial for any marketing effort, and Pinterest is no exception. By understanding what works and what doesn’t, you can refine your approach and ensure that you are effectively reaching your target audience.

In Pinterest Analytics, I recommend checking your overall impressions, saves, and outbound clicks to your website. You can also see which pins are getting the most impressions, saves, and clicks to see how the different types of pins and designs are performing. By regularly reviewing these metrics, you can identify trends, understand which pins are resonating with your audience, and adjust your strategy accordingly.

Screenshot of Pinterest Analytics

These Pinterest strategies for wedding photographers will help you get more traffic and reach more potential clients, but it won’t happen overnight! So make sure you give it time and keep testing different content and pins to see what resonates with your audience. And if you don’t have time to dedicate to your account, check out my Pinterest management services and see how I can your wedding photography business!

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