How Coaches Can Use Pinterest to Convert Clients

If you’re a coach looking for new clients, Pinterest can be a great place for you to drive traffic and reach new audiences! As much as I love Instagram for business (well, mostly), I’ve definitely seen how saturated it can be for coaches. If you’re tired of needing to show up every day on Instagram […]

If you’re a wedding photographer, Pinterest is a great platform for you to reach new clients! With its 400 million active users, Pinterest has tons of opportunities for wedding photographers to reach a wider audience and secure more bookings. The key is to have a strategy around your content and pinning and not just post […]

Pinterest is such a great platform for interior designers to reach potential clients, show off their beautiful work, and get more traffic to their sites. And it doesn’t have to be hard! My top 5 Pinterest marketing strategy tips for interior designers will give you some new ways to market to your target audience. Pinterest […]

You don’t have to be a graphic designer to create a Pinterest pin design—in fact, once you create a few templates you can use time and time again, you can create new pins in minutes and totally take the pain out of the process! I get asked all the time how to make pins stand […]

So let’s get right to it- should you share Instagram posts to Pinterest? Short answer- no. Long answer- I’m going to explain why in this post, so keep reading 🙂 Why you shouldn’t share an Instagram post to Pinterest Pinterest has the ability to connect to your Instagram account and access analytics for it, so […]

Because Pinterest is a search engine (not social media!), so doing keyword research will help your pins rank better and get more traffic! I’ve written about all the different ways you can do keyword research for Pinterest before, and this post is tackling the Pinterest keyword tool called Pinterest Trends. Pinterest Trends is a tool […]

Did you know that Pinterest is a search engine- not social media? Pinterest is adding more social media aspects, like the new Pinterest Stories, but at its core, it’s a search and discovery platform, which means that people go to Pinterest to find things. People don’t scroll on Pinterest like on Instagram and Facebook to […]

Pinterest Analytics has lots of different things to select and check, so it can be a little overwhelming sometimes. I get asked questions all the time about if impressions matter (spoiler alert: they don’t) or how much traffic an account should get each month, so if you’ve been wondering how to use Pinterest Analytics to […]

Pinterest is AMAZING for driving traffic to your site, but how can you actually get clients from Pinterest? Don’t worry, it’s not hard! And it can be easily integrated with your social media and SEO strategy. So if you’ve been wondering how to get clients from Pinterest, let’s get started with the 4 simple steps! […]

Did you know that Pinterest pins, profiles, and boards can rank well on Pinterest AND Google? Because Pinterest is a search engine, I see pins and accounts ranking on the first page of Google all the time! If you want to double your traffic from Pinterest by ranking on Google, you need to integrate some […]



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