Top 5 Pinterest Marketing Strategy Tips for Interior Designers

Pinterest is such a great platform for interior designers to reach potential clients, show off their beautiful work, and get more traffic to their sites. And it doesn’t have to be hard! My top 5 Pinterest marketing strategy tips for interior designers will give you some new ways to market to your target audience.

Pinterest marketing strategies for interior designers

Top 5 Pinterest Marketing Strategy Tips for Interior Designers

So the Pinterest marketing tips covered in this post are specific to interior designers, but you need to make sure you have your Pinterest basics covered first. If you’re brand new to Pinterest, don’t worry, I have lots of other content to get you started on Pinterest. Be sure to read them to get your account set up and optimized before diving into these interior design strategies!

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Know who your target audience is

The first step to creating your Pinterest marketing strategy is knowing who you’re trying to reach on Pinterest. There are so many times when I’m telling someone about the benefits of Pinterest, and they respond “aren’t people on Pinterest just DIYers?” Yes, there are definitely DIYers on Pinterest! But not all of them are.

If DIYers aren’t your target audience, you need to get your Pinterest strategy in place so you won’t attract people who aren’t your target audience to your website.

And this comes down to your content. If you’re writing blog posts like “How to Create a Gallery Wall” or “How to Paint an Accent Wall,” then you will be reaching people searching for ways to do their interior design themselves. If you’re writing blog posts like “How Interior Design Choices Can Impact Your Day” or “10 Ways an Interior Designer Can Help Your Home Be More Functional,” then you’re less likely to get people searching for DIY topics to your site and more likely to reach potential interior design clients.

So think about who your target audience is and how you can reach them and design your strategy around that. And if your audience is DIYers, that’s great, too! Focus on those more DIY topics for your Pinterest marketing strategy and come up with ways to monetize that audience, such as with affiliate links or selling products.

Create content on your site

Pinterest really values having new links being posted, so just pinning different photos that link to your home page or interior design portfolio page aren’t going to help you in the long run.

Creating content like blog posts can help you reach more people searching for different topics on Pinterest (and on Google, too). Think of different questions that your target audience might be searching for and write posts that answer them. This can help you reach potential clients, show off your expertise, and build trust all in one fell swoop! If you’re not sure people are searching for on Pinterest, you can do some keyword research to give you some ideas.

Interior design bedroom search terms in Pinterest Trends

If you’re an interior designer who only works in your local area, you can definitely still use Pinterest to reach clients! You just need to make sure your content is geared towards your local area. For example, if you live in Philadelphia and work with people who have kids, you could write posts like “How to Design a Trinity to Be Functional for Kids” (trinity houses are a very specific style to Philly) or “10 Pieces of Philadelphia Themed Artwork for a Nursey” (us Philadelphians really like to rep our city!).

Think about topics that you can write about that are specific to your area and your ideal clients. And don’t forget to have calls-to-action mentioning your interior design services!

Test out different types of pins

The standard pins on Pinterest with a photo or graphic linking to a site are definitely worth doing, but you can also test out some different types of content on Pinterest. If your ideal interior design clients prefer watching videos or if you are already making lots of videos for Instagram Reels, you should try Idea Pins.

Idea Pins are similar to Instagram Stories where you can have a mix of videos and/or photos, but unlike Stories, Idea Pins don’t expire after 24 hours. And standard pins take some time to gain traction, but Idea Pins typically get the most views within the first few days of being posted. Pinterest is also adding links to Idea Pins, so make sure you do have some content on your site to link to!

Screenshot of interior design Idea Pins

Test out different types of photos

To see what content performs the best for your target audience, make sure you’re testing out different photo content. Vertical pins typically perform the best so I don’t recommend pinning horizontal photos, but you could test out square vs. vertical photos. You can also test out things like the angle of the photo, closeups of details vs. photos of the whole room, photos of the progress vs. photos of the completed project, etc.

Make sure you’re also testing out pinning both photos and graphics (photos with text on top) to see what resonates most. With the graphics, test out different designs, but make sure you’re still keeping everything on brand.

Interior design pins

Create boards for your portfolio or clients

This one is optional since there isn’t much of a Pinterest marketing strategy to it. But if you work with interior design clients who like to use Pinterest to plan their projects, you can use Pinterest as a portfolio or a collaborative platform.

While I still recommend using Pinterest for marketing with the tips I mentioned above, you can also create boards that just have photos of your work that you can send to a prospective client. You could also create group boards with clients so you both can add ideas and styles to incorporate in the project. If you want to use Pinterest for collaboration but don’t want your profile to get too busy with different types of boards, you can make boards secret so only you and your client can see them.

Screenshot of interior design Pinterest boards

So overall, create your Pinterest marketing strategy with your ideal interior design clients in mind! If they’re not DIYers, make sure the content you’re creating isn’t for DIYers. If they prefer videos over blog posts, try doing more Idea Pins.

And if you’re an interior designer or another home service provider and don’t have the time to test out all these different Pinterest strategies, I can help! I offer Pinterest management packages to take it off your plate so you can focus on your interior design clients. Contact me if you’re interested in getting started or have any questions!

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