Pinterest Trends: How to Use the Pinterest Keyword Tool

Because Pinterest is a search engine (not social media!), so doing keyword research will help your pins rank better and get more traffic!

I’ve written about all the different ways you can do keyword research for Pinterest before, and this post is tackling the Pinterest keyword tool called Pinterest Trends. Pinterest Trends is a tool that helps you find which keywords you should target on Pinterest to help your pins rank higher, which will help you get more traffic to your site.

Not many people know about this tool yet, so I’m breaking down how to understand keywords and how to use Pinterest Trends to get more traffic from Pinterest!

Pinterest Trends: How to Use the Pinterest Keyword Tool

What are Pinterest keywords?

Keywords are just the words or phrases people type into Google or Pinterest when they’re searching for something. Really broad keywords like “photography” are going to be hard to rank for, and long-tail keywords like “family photoshoot ideas” are going to be a lot easier to rank for and attract people who are searching for your services or products.

So keywords are important for Pinterest to tell the platform what your content is about so they know to put it in the search results when someone types in that keyword.

Search results for "tips for business" in Pinterest

What is Pinterest Trends?

According to Pinterest, this is what Pinterest Trends is:

“Pinterest Trends shows a historic view of the top search terms and topics in the US, UK and Canada within the past 12 months. Pinterest Trends is available to anyone wanting to learn when people start searching for various topics and what content is popular on Pinterest.”

So if you’re familiar with keyword research tools for Google, Pinterest Trends is a little different because it’s focused on the monthly trends, and it won’t show you what the competition is.

How to use the Pinterest keyword tool

So to be honest, Pinterest Trends is not my favorite Pinterest keyword tool. They are improving it, but there isn’t a ton of data on Pinterest Trends yet, so they might not have any data for your niche (they don’t even have any data for searches like “Pinterest tips” yet!). If you find that there isn’t any data for your industry, it doesn’t mean that no one is searching for those keywords; keep checking back every few months because Pinterest is always adding more data, and in the meantime, try these other methods of keyword research for Pinterest.

If your niche is on Pinterest Trends, you’re in lucky! To start, type in a word or phrase that you want to get information for. I recommend starting with a very broad or general search, and if they don’t have information for the exact keyword, try getting a little creative with the phrasing and see if you get more data. You can choose to look at data from the U.S., Canada, and U.K. right now, so it isn’t very international yet.

Graph of keyword trends in Pinterest Trends

When you do find a keyword with information, they’ll show you a graph with the seasonal trends with the number of searches each week, which will help you plan ahead on your content. You’ll also see “Related trends” under the graph for more ideas for content.

If you click on one of the “Related trends,” it will add that data to the graph and let you compare the trends. You can add up to four keywords to compare the data for each of them.

Graph of keyword trends in Pinterest Trends

Underneath the graph and the “Related trends” section, you’ll see the “Popular Pins” section.

Popular pins in Pinterest Trends

When you click on one, it will open a new screen with the search results for that keyword in Pinterest so you can see what the top performing pins are. And from there, you can click on the search bar to see more specific keywords that people have searched to give you some more ideas.

Search results for "how to pack to move" in Pinterest

So that’s how you can use Pinterest Trends! This Pinterest keyword tool is pretty straightforward once you start testing some searches, but comment below if you have any questions about it. If your industry isn’t in Pinterest Trends and doing keyword research in other ways is too much work, contact me so we can talk about me handling your keyword research plan for you!

Save to Pinterest!

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